Charlotte Public Schools is excited to introduce “The Chirp.” The Chirp is our new 2018-2019 employee recognition program. The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.” The link to this form can be found under the Quick Links section on our Employee Recognition page. This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page weekly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what orioles are chirping about below!

The following program sponsors would like to thank all of the Charlotte Public Schools' staff for their role in educating the youth of Charlotte.

Week of February 04, 2019

Anita Finch (Transportation)
“My son left his boots on the bus on the Friday prior to the week of snow days. Ms. Anita, went back to Weymouth after completing her route and dropped them back off for him. It means a lot that she would go above and beyond to drop off his boots instead of us having to chase them down through the lost and found.” ~Megan Gleason

Jane Haga (Parkview)
“Jane goes out of her way to share with other staff members. She is always willing to help others with projects, supplies, and ideas. She quietly goes about her day with kindness.” ~Sharon Dietz

Ashley Chavez-Ross (Child Care)
“Ms. Ashley is always going above and beyond with my son, especially in the morning's during difficult drop-offs. We are so happy she is at Weymouth!” ~Anonymous

Lori Pratt (Washington)
“Mrs. Pratt makes learning fun by teaching outside of the box.” ~Melissa Hassel

Julie Ferguson (Parkview)
“Julie comes into work everyday with a smile on and even though that office can get super busy she always stays calm. I can always look to her for a helping hand! She is AMAZING!!” ~Anonymous

Vicki Lumbert (Parkview/Galewood)
“Vicki is so helpful and always listens and comes up with great advice. Even though she is in two different buildings she is still doing an amazing job with her seeing and supporting all her kids!” ~Anonymous

Tim Kilberg (Washington)
“Mr. K has an infinite amount of patience helping kids learn even when the students are being difficult.” ~Melissa Hassel

Amberle Eaker (Parkview)
“Amberle has made a positive impact on her students. She came in mid-year and has built a community of learners that respect her and each other. We are excited to have her at Parkview.” ~Sharon Dietz

Julie Ferguson (Parkview)
“Julie is an amazing co-worker! She cares very much about the students and staff that she works with and she show this by being a kind ear to children who are sick, going out of her way to help colleagues, and cheerfully, reliably doing her work daily!” ~Anonymous

Anna Schmidt (Washington)
“Anna did such an amazing job cleaning and organizing our book room. Washington staff knows just how bad it was and how time consuming it must have been. We are so lucky to have Anna at Washington! Thank you Anna for all of your hard work and also for being such an awesome teammate in the office.” ~Cheri

Matt Elkins (Technology)
“Matt is always so responsive and prompt with Help Desk tickets. He makes things go much more smoothly when technology gives us trouble!” ~Angi Jewell

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