Charlotte Public Schools is excited to continue “The Chirp” for 2019-2020. This will be the second year of our employee recognition program. The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.” The link to this form can be found under the Quick Links section on our Employee Recognition page (under Staff from our CPS homepage). This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page weekly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what Orioles are chirping about below!

Week of September 22, 2019

Josh Dies, High School
“Josh has been amazing with all the final details in this new lab room 314! He continues to check on myself and colleague, Tina VanSyckle, to make sure that our technology needs are met!” ~Georgianna Baldwin

Jeff Bohl, High School
“Jeff has been a great addition here at CHS. He makes sure that all staff members voice their input on what we want our goals to be as a building for the school year. It has only been the first few weeks and I already notice some positive changes occurring. Keep up the good work Jeff, we are lucky to have you!” ~Anonymous

Sean Barker, High School
“Sean works in ways big and small to show teachers and students that they are valued, and encourages those around him to reach their potential.” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School
“Nick has had an immediate impact on the Middle School and its been very positive. Keep up the good work sir.” ~Jeremy Tuller

Sarah Milarch, High School
“Sarah is a leader among the High School staff. She has put tremendous thought and energy into Standards-Based grading, and her contributions to the video clips used in the first Half Day professional development were thoughtful and helped propel good discussions at the high school. She is appreciated by her students and her colleagues!” ~Anonymous

Josh Greve, High School
“Josh invested a lot of time in synthesizing the extracurricular meeting schedules into one calendar for the high school. We appreciate his above-and-beyond efforts to help keep everyone organized!” ~Anonymous

Dillon Burns, Upper Elementary
“Dillon is doing an exceptional job at his new position as the CUE Dean of Students. He shows integrity and respect on a daily basis. He also exercises teamwork as he navigates through his learning process.” ~Anonymous

Crystal Quintanilla-Howard, High School
“Crystal is doing wonderful things with the project success program at the high school. The things these kids are doing are nothing short of remarkable. The entire project success staff should be enormously proud of how far this program has come.” ~Anonymous

Karen Anderson, High School
“Karen is doing outstanding work, both with Early Middle College and Project Success. Her work in these areas has opened up so many options for students that need something a little different from school, and have helped pave the way for them to be successful in life.” ~Anonymous

Erin Turner, Middle School
“Erin continues to go over and beyond at CMS as she coordinates our PBIS. Great work Erin and your extra work is appreciated by all.” ~Anonymous

Becky Carter, High School
“Becky pushes herself as a professional, which helps those around her learn and grow. Recently, she started a book study with two colleagues and generated enough excitement that her entire department plans to collaborate around this book study to frame discussions around growing as learners. Thanks to Becky for modeling lifelong learning and commitment to growth!” ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal, High School
“Bobby has been a tremendous help in subbing during his planning period. He is always willing to help out a colleague in need, and always takes challenges in stride.” Anonymous

Melissa Shanker, High School
“As a brand new member of the CHS staff, Melissa is doing a tremendous job building relationships with her students and collaborating with her colleagues. We are so fortunate to have Melissa as a part of our team!” ~Anonymous

Miranda Steward, Parkview
“She always has a positive attitude and puts her students first!!” ~Trisha Abbott

Kristen Toadvine, High School
“Kristen is an advocate for her students and her colleagues. She is thoughtful in everything that she does, and is willing to work hard to help those around her succeed.” ~Anonymous

Tracy Evans, High School
“Tracy cares deeply about the every person who walks into the building. She is incredibly kind and patient in her interactions, but also very organized and skilled at keeping things running smoothly within the building. We are so fortunate to have Tracy! “ ~Anonymous

Liz Pashby, Parkview
“Always willing to help others in anyway she can!!” ~Trisha Abbott

Melissa Shanker, High School
“Melissa has been doing an amazing job getting settled into a new position and working (literally!) overtime to help students be successful!” ~Anonymous

‘Q’ Quiana Davis, High School
“Q” has stepped into such a vital role as our new student support specialist. I cannot day enough about how wonderful she is working with our students who are struggling with some weighty issues.” ~Anonymous

Lance Beasley, High School
“Mr. Beasley is doing a great job of building relationships with his students while teaching them about engineering. Kids are having a lot of fun in his classes and have great things to say about his class and him as a teacher.” ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer, High School
“Joe has been a long term sub in the high school for so long, he’s practically a full time staff member. His work with our kids has allowed the students to continue learning even without their regularly scheduled teacher.” ~Anonymous

Natalie Keyton, Parkview
“She always has a smile on her face and makes everyone feel great about themselves!” ~Trisha Abbott

Heidi Ransom, Parkview
“Heidi is always a cheerful person to work with and be around. She works hard and is flexible in learning new things.” ~Anonymous

Katie Walters, High School
“Katie has jumped into the Ag position and not only been teaching those classes but has done a tremendous amount of work with our FFA. She has provided valuable real life educational experiences that help our students better appreciate their heritage in an agricultural community.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, High School
“Mr. G as my daughter calls him has been an amazing positive teacher for her. He pushed her to excel in her academics and as a leader to her peers. He holds his students accountable for everything they do all in positive ways. Thank you Ryan for being an awesome teacher and for always being there for your students and their parents.” ~Kelly Vermillion

Cheri Friar, Washington
“Cheri always goes above and beyond. She digs into things and asks great questions. Washington Elementary is a better place because of Cheri!” ~Anonymous

Brandon Schmitt, High School
“Mr. Schmitt does a great job working with kids in science and seminar classes. I get such a kick out of hearing students talking about forensics outside of his classroom. He really makes science fun for the kids.” ~Anonymous

Jade Bowhall, High School
“Jade does amazing things in the classroom, but her commitment to the Flight Club and making sure all students are welcome and included is amazing. There is so much work that goes into that, and it’s such an important feature to our school community.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Sisco, High School
“Mr. Sisco does so much for the kids, including teaching a huge variety of courses! It’s a difficult job, but his passion for teaching students is astounding.” ~Anonymous

Chris Hutton, High School
“Chris works tirelessly for our kids, building incredible relationships with them and getting them to engage their bodies through physical education. He also does extraordinary work with the basketball teams, helping our athletes find a place where they belong.” ~Anonymous

Ryan Guimont, High School
“Ryan’s work in the CI Program is inspirational. The level of passion, love, and patience he brings to work with him every day is incredible. He has worked so hard to ensure that all of our students are included in the school.” ~Anonymous

Lindsay Blair, High School
“Lindsay is such a dedicated educator. She teaches with passion and patience, and always strives to be aware of students who are struggling so she can give them the extra help they need.” ~Anonymous

Tami Nixon, High School
“Tami does such remarkable work with students in the CI program, making sure they feel loved and safe while they are learning important life skills. She is such an enormous asset to the district and most importantly, to our students.” ~Anonymous

Becky Carter, High School
“Becky does such an amazing job leading the freshman academy. The work that happens in freshman academy could not be done without her. She always takes into consideration student needs and helps students to learn as much as they can at the pace that is most appropriate to their ability.” ~Anonymous

Bobby Hejnal, High School
“Bobby is such a kind hearted person. He is constantly getting pulled to sub on his planning period, but he does so willingly knowing our students need him. We are all so grateful for what you do.” ~Everyone who has had to miss 5th block this year

Kristen Toadvine, High School
“Kristen is doing such a wonderful job, engaging students in reading during social studies classes and making history fun. She is a leader in our building and our district and always keeps students first in everything she does.” ~Anonymous

John Moran, High School
“As the “resident old man” (as he likes to call himself) John works very hard to be able to relate to his students so he can share his passion for history and set a positive example for our kids.” ~Anonymous

Week of September 15, 2019

Josh Dies, High School
“Josh has been amazing with all the final details in this new lab room 314! He continues to check on myself and colleague, Tina VanSyckle, to make sure that our technology needs are met!” ~Georgianna Baldwin

Casie Adams, Parkview
“Casie is doing an amazing job supporting our students at Parkview and making it an amazing place to be. Know that your hard work has not gone unnoticed.” ~Anonymous

Leanne Simms, Upper Elementary
“Her dedication and commitment to helping organize the beginning of the year testing at the CUE helped all students and teachers.” ~Anonymous

Carolyn Capozzo, Middle School
“Carolyn goes above and beyond with helping students succeed and feel safe. She always has an open door for any student that needs help or just needs a listening ear. CMS is truly a better place because of Carolyn!” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School
“Nick has been working very hard to learn about the culture at CMS. He takes into consideration teachers needs and has implemented new rules that help students learn.” ~Anonymous

Trish Abbott, Parkview
“Trish supports our students everyday and is there for all of the teachers when they need an extra hand!” ~Anonymous

Julie Harmon, Upper Elementary
“Julie is always works hard to make everyone feel comfortable at the CUE. She goes above and beyond every day to support students and families. She makes the CUE a welcoming and great place to be!” ~Anonymous

Matt Elkins, Technology
“Matt fixes problems almost before they happen. He is quick and always friendly. His work makes learning possible for students by keeping our devices running. He is a treasure, and we're lucky to have him at the CUE.” ~Anonymous

Christy Huver, Parvkiew
“Christy is always there for the staff when they have a question and comes to school with a positive attitude every day! We all love working with her!” ~Anonymous

Beth Monroe, Parkview
“Beth is always willing to help where needed with a smile. She does an excellent job of taking care of our library. Beth is a huge asset to CPS.” ~Heidi

Amberle Eaker, Upper Elementary
“Amberle has been an amazing motivator, peer and colleague. Every day has been a joy, she collaborates with her team and brings positive energy to all meetings. I cannot thank her enough for all the amazing work she does!” ~Anonymous

Nick Boucher, Middle School
Nick has been working hard at his new role as principal of the MS. I appreciate his open communication and dedication to our team.” ~Shannon Nevins

Fred Koning, Middle School
“Fred has jumped into the Middle School role again as Dean of Students. Through his restorative justice knowledge and discipline policies, he is already making a positive impact with students and staff.” ~Anonymous

Andy Czaika, Building/Grounds
“He consistently keeps a smiling and friendly presence while working non-stop on truly thankless jobs. Dedicated, professional and positive! Great Work!” ~Dr. Stewart

Joan Penrod, Central Office
“Ms. Penrod, in the difficult new position, is independently researching her role, and reaching out for supports/training. A consistently friendly voice to the public, and a great support for me! THANK YOU!” ~Dr. Stewart

Mallory Blyth, Central Office
“Mallory is extremely efficient in her position, and steps up to support where needed! There isn't a time when an email goes unanswered, or she doesn't offer a friendly smile as anyone walks through Central Office. She is a wonderful asset to the team, and has been extremely helpful in supporting me in my new role. Thank you Mallory for always going above and beyond!” ~Kali McKenna

Week of September 08, 2019

Kendra Larsen, Transportation
“Kendra is an invaluable part of our team. She always steps up when we need her and most recently bumped off her own route to help us out on another route. Very thankful she came to Charlotte Schools last year!” ~Karen Tomlinson

Gloria Parker, High School
“Gloria has been a paraprofessional with CPS since 2002. She has supported our students in their academic and social learning. She has been dedicated to our students with perfect attendance for several of her 17 years. This commitment is recognized by all that have had the pleasure of working with her. I wish her all the best in her retirement. It is well deserved.” ~Kathy Burt

Anita Finch, Transportation
“Anita has stepped up on numerous occasions and offered to help out her co-workers. We really appreciate it!” ~Karen Tomlinson

Week of August 25, 2019

Tracy Evans, High School
“Tracy has had a challenging beginning for the new school year, and is pulling double duty in the high school main office. Even though she is under a great deal of stress, she still has a smile on her face and is willing to stop what she is doing to help you. She is a valuable asset to the high school and keeps things running smoothly.” ~Cindy Hosek

Kim Telfor, Technology
“Made the tech in my room more accessible to the space. Found a screen and projector that would accommodate where the electrical is in the room.” ~Jill McKillips

Nicole Bensinger, High School
“Nicole is another valuable asset to the high school. She is also pulling double duty at the high school, helping Tracy in the main office. She keeps the athletic office running smoothly, all while assisting two new athletic directors. On any given day, she can be seen running back and forth between the main office and athletic office, depending on what is needed from her at that moment. Displaying her positive attitude, she is always willing to help others any way she can.” ~Cindy Hosek

Tracy Evans, High School
“I would like to thank Tracy in the main office for being so welcoming to myself and my in coming freshman. We had questions and she has answers! She also shared knowledge on health concerns !! Thank you for helping us prepare for this first year.” ~Anonymous

Joe Wimmer, High School
“Joe has been one of the most dedicated long term and short term substitutes. When he is in your classroom, he follows your plans and keeps the class running smoothly . He always has a smile on his face and his contagious laugh can be heard down the hallways, bringing a chuckle to those that hear him. He builds remarkable and caring relationships with students, who are always excited when he is the substitute.” ~Cindy Hosek

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