Charlotte Public Schools is excited to introduce “The Chirp.” The Chirp is our new 2018-2019 employee recognition program. The Orioles of CPS dedicate themselves to the success of their students, colleagues, building, district, and community every day. The staff of Charlotte Public Schools truly are amazing! We appreciate the hard work that goes into being a dedicated Oriole, and want to publicly recognize our Oriole team!!

Want to cheer on an Oriole? Submit a “Cheer Chirp.” The link to this form can be found under the Quick Links section on our Employee Recognition page. This form is quick, simple, and allows for open-ended genuine responses. Your submissions will be communicated out to staff, and posted to this page weekly.

Who can submit a Cheer Chirp? CPS staff, students, parents, community members, anyone!!

See what orioles are chirping about below!

The following program sponsors would like to thank all of the Charlotte Public Schools' staff for their role in educating the youth of Charlotte.

WEEK OF November 05, 2018

Kim Telfor (Technology)
“Kim is always cheerful and helpful. She is quick to respond and resolve any tech problems I have. She makes my job easier when my tech devices work! Thanks Kim!” ~Evelyn Sommerlot

Sarah Rugg (Upper Elem)
“She is an amazing teacher to the students. She is so patient, kind, and goes above and beyond. The CUE is very thankful for her.” ~Wendy Britten

Julie Crossman (High School)
“Julie consistently works with and forms positive bonds with some of our most challenging students and does so with honesty and compassion. She has high expectations in her classroom and challenges her students to meet those goals.” ~Cindy Hosek

Sandra Hosey (Upper Elem)
“Sandy offers ideas and often brings in treats for our PBIS program.” ~Fred Koning

Tracy Evans (High School)
“Whenever I am at the High School, Tracy is the first friendly face to greet me. She always does what she can to make me feel welcomed and appreciated. Tracy does everything with a smile and positive attitude, and it always makes my day brighter!! Thank you for your kindness and help!” ~Abby Halstead

Weston Iverson (High School)
“Weston (Lee) has consistently gone above and beyond in taking care of our classrooms. I have had numerous custodian staff over the years, and Lee has been the most efficient, going beyond expectations to make sure rooms are not only clean, but sanitized as well for our students.” ~Cindy Hosek

Julie Gilbert (Galewood)
“Julie is a great person to work with. She is so giving and willing to share anything from ideas to materials needed for projects and lessons. She goes above and beyond to help students, staff and parents.” ~Rachael

Rachel Bump (Central Office)
“Rachel is amazing. She is a great communicator, encourager, and colleague. She is constantly finding ways to improve the district and strives for excellence in all she does. Rachel is one of the key people who make this district continue to be a positive place to be. She pours so much into making sure the staff feel supported and appreciated, and that is incredibly necessary! Thank you for your tireless work, Rachel!” ~Abby Halstead

Kathy Burt (Upper Elem)
“Communicating with the other paras and teachers. Also supporting other students in the classroom, not just the students she works with.”

Sarah Piggott (Middle School)
“Sarah is a vital asset to Charlotte Public Schools. She is truly a leader - among staff, in the classroom, and in the community. She seeks to better the school and the kids. She is friendly, approachable, and respected by all! The kids love her, and everyone else should appreciate her as well. Sarah goes above and beyond to help make Charlotte schools (and the community as a whole) a better, more healthy environment to thrive in. Thank you for all your love and work, Sarah! You are SO appreciated!!” ~Abby Halstead

Mrs. Eye (Galewood Elem)
“Mrs. Eye shows amazing compassion with her young students and forms positive relationships with the students and their families. My grandson was a student in her pre-K class last year and she was wonderful. This year she does not have him as a student, but sees him in the hallway on a regular basis, and always has a hug and encouraging words for him. We experienced a major loss this year, as my grandson's dad passed away unexpectedly and Mrs. Eye has gone out of her way to comfort him and provide additional support for him.” ~Cindy Hosek

Ken Wright (Galewood/Parkview/Washington)
“Mr. Wright is always willing to help where needed. He comes up with ingenious ideas for solutions. Mr. Wright always has a smile ready for students and staff.”

Sarah Davis (Middle School)
“Sarah, you are doing phenomenally. If this district didn't have you, so many students would be worse off!! Thank you for your dedication, passion, and love. Even when things are tough, you don't give up, and Charlotte (as a whole) is incredibly fortunate to have you! You rock!” ~Abby Halstead

Steve Chartier (Galewood Elem)
“Mr. Chartier works tirelessly to ensure the saftey and quality education of our youngest Orioles in Charlotte. He greets each student with a smile and enthusiasm helping each and every one of them feels important.” ~Rachael Eye

Lisa Olney (Middle School)
“I've believed for a long time that the tasks asked of an administrative assistant seem to be infinite. Yet, somehow, those people manage to complete all of them, and all while being a positive influence in the school. Lisa is no exception. She manages to get a ridiculous amount of things done every day, and is so very kind in the process. Lisa makes every day simpler, and I am SO grateful she is here. The Middle School would NOT be what it is without her! Thank you for being constant, devoted, and calm. This school is a better place because of you!” ~Abby Halstead

Julie Harmon (Upper Elem)
“Julie always makes me smile. With her sense of humor and quick-to-laugh nature, she always brings joy and lightness to my days. Whether it's finding some word searches online to fill extra time, or borrowing a nail file, Julie has always been quick to help me out when I'm in a pinch. The ladies in the office make me feel like I am at home when I'm in the building. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have people like Julie and Lisa, who seem to always know what to do - even when faced with an entirely new situation. They handle things with grace, competency, and quick judgment skills (things I often don't possess). It takes a special person to be an excellent administrator's assistant, and Charlotte is somehow fortunate enough to have found two people who go above and beyond excellence every day! Thank you for all you do!!” ~Abby Halstead

Lisa Bullen (Upper Elem)
“Lisa will often bring in items for rewards for our PBIS program.” ~Fred Koning

Heidi Ransom (Parkview Elem)
“Does an amazing job tracking down subs and keeping a great sense of humor. Keeps all of us in a cheery mood and does whatever she can to help teachers and students.” ~The Parkview Teacher Squad

Sarah Rugg (Upper Elem)
“She goes the extra mile for my son. My kid is in her class for help with his work Tuesday-Friday & she does visit his class to help also. She will remind him to bring homework home because he forgets. She put up a sign in his locker that said turn your homework in. She assured me that my son is in good hands & will get the support he needs. Plus she responds to all my questions even the small ones.” ~Laci Reeves

Lee Iverson (High School)
“Lee from Hi-Tech comes in every single day with a smile on his face and ready to help keep Charlotte High School looking great! He makes it a point to come in and talk to the teachers in "his" rooms and let us know what is on the agenda for him, and ask if we have any specific needs to address. He is friendly, positive, and does a tremendous job every single day. We can't say enough about the work that he does for us all.” ~All of Lee’s Teachers

Kim Caudell (Parkview Elem)
“Kim is one of the most dedicated staff members at CPS! I cannot even imagine what Parkview would be without her tireless work, constant support, brilliant ideas, or positive attitude. She is a true gem and makes me proud to be an Oriole.”

John Moran (High School)
“John regularly does an amazing job, but this specific shout-out is for his organization of the Veteran's Day card drive to honor our area veterans. Thank you John for serving those who have served!” ~ A Charlotte Veteran

Ms. Hadley (Upper Elem)
“She always has a big smile and happy tone. Makes me feel good to know she is sharing this cheerfullness and great attitude with my child.”

Julie Ferguson (Parkview Elem)
“This woman has never ever been seen without a smile! Her positive attitude is contagious and makes Parkview a great place to be. So thankful for Julie!”

Sarah Rugg (Upper Elem)
“Mrs. Rugg has done a fantastic job helping my son become more successful at school. She does a wonderful job communicating with me how things are going on almost a daily basis, which is very helpful for me. My son really loves Mrs. Rugg as well and making a connection is everything for him. Thank you, Sarah ❤️” ~Beth Monroe

Jane Haga (Parkview Elem)
“Jane's positive energy is such a blessing here at Parkview. She is always checking in on others to see what she can do to help them succeed. Whether that's through a piece of candy, a hug, a smile, making copies, locating resources, or just offering a listening ear - Jane will do it and do it well.”

Mrs. Manial (Upper Elem)
“She does such a fantastic job working with my son. I really appreciate her ability to help him be more successful in school! She is a rockstar in my book!” ~Beth Monroe

Kary Parr (Central Office)
“She is so helpful and never makes me feel like I am inconveniencing her. Thank you for being so accessible!” ~Beth Monroe

Ms. Dawn (Parkview Elem)
“She goes above and beyond for the student she works with! I appreciate her commitment to the children of the Charlotte community!”

Mrs. Harmon (Upper Elem)
“She is always so friendly and is always very kind with my children. I really appreciate her!” ~Beth Monroe

Miranda Steward (Parkview Elem)
“Miranda meets every student and faculty where they are and seeks to encourage, uplift, and inspire each one. She goes above and beyond to make sure students have what they need to be successful, and leans into their lives no matter the cost to herself.”

Mrs. Ackley (Upper Elem)
“Mrs. Ackley is always welcoming everyone to school each day, students and staff. She has a contiguous smile. She assists her students in a positive way every day!”

Roxanne Rhines (Parkview)
“It’s easy to see that Roxanne enjoys her job serving meals to the students at Parkview Elementary! She is well loved by all and we really appreciate her hard work and smiling face!” ~Beth Monroe

Karen Scheurer (Parkview Elem)
“Mrs. Scheurer makes every single person who crosses her path feel special - both students and adults alike feel valued when interacting with her. She does an amazing job of establishing and maintaining relationships with students and families during the year that she has a student in her care and then for years afterward, too.”

Ms. Katelyn Walters (High School)
“Very impressed with teaching ability as an intern. Hope she makes CPS her permanent home.”

Jane Haga (Parkview Elem)
“Mrs. Haga cares so deeply for each of her students and works so hard to make sure each of them are getting the support they need. I really enjoy seeing how she encourages her students!” ~Beth Monroe

Mrs. Porter (High School)
“Thank you for being the best teacher and helping students when they need help!!”

Richard Lee (Middle School)
“Mr. Lee goes above and beyond, working nights and weekends, to ensure his student's success in his STEM classes and with our robotics program. Thank you, Mr. Lee, for providing a great learning opportunity for our students at CMS!” ~Jennifer Wood

Mrs. Milarch (High School)
“Mrs. Milarch is an exceptional teacher. She provides high quality instruction to students with her extensive knowledge of the content. In addition to top notch teaching, she forms great relationships with students. I am grateful that both of my children are being prepared for college writing by such an outstanding teacher, and that all students in her classes are cared for and supported in addition to learning. Thank you Mrs. Milarch for all you do for our students.” ~Kris Dykstra

Mrs. Queener (Upper Elem)
” Mrs. Queener is an amazing teacher! My son loves being in her class because she makes it such a positive learning environment!” ~Beth Monroe

Sean Barker (High School)
“Sean put together our high school mock election and it was awesome! Great job Sean!” ~Mr. Crossman

Cindy Cook (Washington Elem)
“My daughter loves going to school everyday because of Mrs. Cook. She loves to learn in her class.” ~Bracy Family

Tammy Weissenborn (Upper Elem)
“Tammy does a great job with the CUE Student Council. She thinks of new and creative ways to engage our students through that organization. She puts in a lot of extra time and effort to make things run smoothly.” ~Angi Jewell

Sarah Piggott (Middle School)
“Sarah organized the middle school mock election and did a great job! She utilized high school students to help in the election. Great job Sarah!” ~Mr. Crossman

Vicki Lumbert (Galewood/Parkview)
“Vicki is an amazing coworker at Galewood and Parkview. She goes out of her way to meet the needs of both the students and staff members she works with. She is always willing to share her expertise, materials, supplies, and her time if needed. Her room at Parkview is a welcoming place. Vicki always has a smile and kind word for anyone who steps in her room. Vicki also runs a 'clothing closet' for those in need. Students know that if they forget their PE shoes, spill at lunch, lose their mittens (or any other elementary clothing emergency) that they have a place to go to get what they need.” ~Sharon Dietz

Tammy Weissenborn (Upper Elem)
“Tammy has done a great job with student council kids with decorating our PBIS display case. The display case is creative and looks fantastic!” ~Fred Koning

Sean Barker (High School)
“Sean's work with the newly implemented restorative justice program at the high school is commendable. Not only does he work with students during his assigned times, but he spends his planning time, during passing, before school, at lunch, and after school making relationship with students. His impact is changing the culture of our school. Great job, Sean!”

Sarah Rohlfs (High School)
“Mrs. Rohlfs received a grant for the entire English department at the high school last spring. She is working with the Career, College, & Communities Writing Program to improve argumentative writing across the entire school. Her dedication is phenomenal!”

Ashley Schwarzbek (High School)
“Mrs. Schwarzbek is working with the restorative justice program at CHS. Her work and dedication is changing the culture of the at-risk population at the high school! Excellent work!”

Jeff Bennett (Technology)
“Thanks for getting to bottom of our card reader problem! We so appreciate the time you took to come down (several times) to get it figured out!” ~Transportation Department

Brendan Tomlinson (Washington Elem)
“I would like to nominate my co-worker Brenda. She has the biggest heart of every one I know. She heard a student didn’t have a winter coat. After she was done working, she went home to see what she had for the student. So they will stay warm this winter.” ~Angela Poortvliet

Beth Monroe (Parkview Elem)
“Beth only works a few hours at Parkview each day. However in those few hours she makes a huge impact for students and staff. Each day Beth runs the our library, mentors students in reading, helps with lunchroom and recess duty. Then end the day helping students get safely to their buses. Beth is always ready to lend a hand when needed and an amazing team player. We and very fortunate to have her in our Parkview family.”

Sarah Milarch (High School)
“During my time in Mrs. Milarch's Advanced Composition class, I never realized the importance and value of the class. Fast forward to 2018 where I entering my senior year of college, my views have completely shifted. Advanced Composition wasn’t just great because of the Smurf analogies when learning about preposition or using Justin Bieber examples when reducing our passive voice or how to craft a strong college application. It wasn't just the food or teacher that made the class worthwhile, but rather, it was also the investment Mrs. Milarch made for each and every one of her students. As I often ponder upon my roots and reflect about who helped plant my seeds of knowledge, many times my thoughts circle back to Mrs. Milarch. Her investment in students like me allowed me to flourish and to understand my true potential. And for that, I would like to thank her for all that she’s done for both me and my peers as we navigated through high school and beyond.”

John Moran (High School)
“John put together and organized the Annual veterans ceremony at Charlotte High School on Friday November 9th.” ~Brent Crossman

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