At Charlotte Public Schools, we are committed to giving every student an opportunity to excel and find pathways to success in a career, skilled trade, college and life. Project Success was born from that commitment and provides students in our district and the broader community another opportunity to access the tools they need to succeed.

As one of only a few programs of its kind in Michigan, Project Success offers eligible students a chance to have a high school experience tailored to their learning style. As an on-campus, in-district program, Project Success allows students to participate in district programs – including athletics and other extracurricular programs – and access district resources like transportation, counseling and advising.

Project Success will offer students a later start to the day and traditional core educational requirements, including English language arts, physical education and health, science, social studies, arts, world languages and mathematics. Students will be able to choose the path that best fits their personality and passion with merit-based learning through cooperation with Lansing Community College (LCC), school and work co-ops and community engagement.

Charlotte Public Schools continues to find ways to give every single learner an opportunity to succeed in our schools and community. Whether it’s providing innovative developmental kindergarten, tuition free college credits and courses, vocational career pathways or through non-traditional pathways like Project Success, we’re preparing students for life, college and career.

To find out more about the Project Success Curriculum click here.[HYPERLINK DOWNLOADABLE PDF], or contact an advisor at (517) 541-5742. DOWNLOAD ENROLLMENT FORMS [HYPERLINK ENROLLMENT FORMS WITH INSTRUCTIONS]

Bring these forms to our enrollment specialists at:
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Aquatic Center
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