April 24, 2015

Western Michigan University Symphony Band

by Hannah Hammond
Student Columnist

Tuesday, April 14, was a big day for Charlotte High School Symphony band students. On Tuesday, Charlotte Public Schools and the Charlotte Performing Arts Center hosted the Western Michigan University (WMU) Symphony Band. The Charlotte Symphony band kicked off the concert with four tunes. After the four pieces, the WMU band entered the stage and played their prepared pieces. This included a small brass ensemble of graduate students, along with a small woodwind ensemble.

Not only was this concert free, but it was also a great experience for everyone involved. The concert was very entertaining, along with being extremely educational. Listening to the band's tone, technique, and overall beauty helped make things more real. Often times, we don't think about life after high school. This outstanding performance comes to show what our band students can become after their great start at Charlotte Public Schools.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the band families, band alumni, and community members for providing a home for the WMU students to stay for the night. We have received many great compliments about the quality of the care from the hosting families.

Aside from the concert, the visual arts department held a special event. On Saturday, April 18, Charlotte Public Schools held a student art show and art auction. Charlotte High School's own Emily Ryal organized the student art auction that was held in the Charlotte Middle School. All art work was created by CHS students and was auctioned off to the highest bidders. Almost fifty art pieces were donated by CHS students to be auctioned off to the art show guests. Over $100 was raised and donated to the Detroit Arts & Scraps: a nonprofit charity. Arts & Scraps serves 275,000 children, recycling 28 tons of materials each year.

In conjunction with the auction, the cafeteria walls were filled with 6-12 grade artwork. Each year, seniors can choose to have a senior table to showcase his or her best artwork. This year, sixteen senior tables filled the cafeteria, showcasing the seniors' artwork for the last time in high school.

For the art show, Mrs. Wellfare chose judges to award artists with outstanding artistic achievement ribbons. These judges chose the art pieces that they thought showcased outstanding artistic qualities. The art show serves to award those students who have pushed themselves creatively and artistically to create the best artwork they can imagine. It is a great learning experience for the students. They can see all of the artwork created by other students and become inspired. Both the concert and the art show represent a big chunk of CHS's thriving arts program. At CHS we are extremely proud of our art department, whether it be performing arts, or visual arts. It's good to be an Oriole.

Go Orioles! Oriole Pride!