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Recent Nutrition Changes in the Media


In the Fall of 2015, the US Department of Agriculture released the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Previous Dietary Guidelines have focused on individual components of the diet such as food groups and nutrients, but new scientific evidence has emphasized overall eating patterns and how they relate to health and the risk of chronic disease. The 8th edition of the Dietary Guidelines' main focus of the recommendations is on healthy eating patterns. The recommendations would like consumers to focus on a variety of nutrient dense foods across all food groups, limit calories from added sugars & saturated fats, reduce sodium intake, shift to nutrient dense food and beverage choices in place of less healthier choices, and to support healthy eating choices in multiple settings nationwide from home to schools to work to communities. These healthy eating patterns over time will help support a healthy body weight and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

The New Dietary Guidelines for School Meals was introduced January 25, 2012 by First Lady Michelle Obama. The Child Nutrition Reauthorization is good for students and Charlotte Public Schools will continue to implement changes to follow the new guidelines. Charlotte Public Schools has already implemented many of the proposed changes that are listed in the New Meal Pattern Document for Schools. We focus on healthy eating daily by offering fresh fruit, vegetables, 100% juice, salads, low fat yogurt, string cheese and milk. We have switched from white bread products to serving whole wheat bread, hamburger buns and hotdog buns.

Food Services now purchases fresh greens and vegetables locally when available with a Farm to School Program and we utilize fresh greens from the Charlotte High School botany green house and high tunnel. Fuel Up to Play 60 has been implemented at 7 of our schools in the Charlotte School District. Fuel Up to Play 60 is a program that emphasizes nutrient-rich foods, low-fat and fat-free milk, fruits, vegetables and whole grains along with at least sixty minutes of physical activity daily. We stay active in many plays and school-wide events throughout the year. We have also won multiple grants for new kitchen equipment and coolers to further aid us in providing healthy meals and snacks to our children. Check out for more info! Charlotte Public Schools will continue to do our part in promoting healthy food choices and physical activity.

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