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District Appeals Process

It is the goal of the staff and administration of Charlotte Public Schools to answer questions or deal with student/parent concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. If a problem or a concern arises, please contact the employee who is most directly involved with the issue. If you are not satisfied with the information received, please follow the “chain of concern” as listed below.
District Appeals Process
Questions or Concerns Step #1Step #2Step #3Step #4Step #5
Instructional Classroom IssueTeacherPrincipalDirector of Curriclum & InstructionSuperintendentBoard of Education
Student Disciplinary IssueTeacherAssistant PrincipalPrincipalSuperintendentBoard of Education
Athletic IssueCoachAthletic DirectorPrincipalSuperintendentBoard of Education
Transportation IssueBus DriverTransportation SupervisorAssociate Superintendent for OperationsSuperintendentBoard of Education
Business IssueDirector of Business ServicesSuperintendentBoard of Education
Policy IssueSuperintendentBoard of Education
Employment IssueHuman Resources ClerkSuperintendentBoard of Education