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Charlotte Upper Elementary

Kim Caudell

1068 Carlisle Hwy
Charlotte, MI 48813

517-541-5770 phone
517-541-5779 attendance
517-541-5775 fax

Office Hours:
8:00 to 4:30 M-F

Daily Student Schedule:
8:45 to 3:45




Charlotte Upper Elementary 4-6

Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible


The Charlotte Upper Elementary School (CUE) is very proud to be the newest school in the Charlotte Public School district.  Our school is located under the Middle School roof, but is a school by itself with all of Charlotte’s finest fourth and fifth graders attending.

Talented teaching and support staff members are continuously learning to provide this unique age group of students with activities and strategies that provide independent choices, but always there to provide guiding words of encouragement.  The students spend large blocks of time strengthening their literacy skills which allow them to think critically about a variety of literature.  Students building stamina as a reader, choosing books they are interested in reading, and reflecting on their thoughts help them become avid readers of all types of genres.

Math is also a vital part of our school day.  Children work with a spiral curriculum which allows them to continuously review and strengthen their skills.  Writing instruction enhances our student’s abilities to use words to tell their stories to their readers.  Also, Social Studies and Science consist of hands-on experiences to help our students learn within the CUE.

Art, Technology, Music, Team Sports, Swimming, and Spanish are attended by our students on a rotation throughout the school year to expose all to a well rounded school day.
Fourth and Fifth graders at the CUE have other opportunities to continue their growing into young adults by their participation in Chess Club, Book Buddies, after school clubs, tutoring, and individualized help from caring staff members.  Service learning projects, such as food and shoe drives also help our students see the power they have to help others outside of school.

At the CUE, “Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible” is our motto.  Each month, positive behavior celebrations are held to acknowledge all of the students as they work towards showing great effort in all they strive to learn each day.  Each selected student that is “caught” going above and beyond expected behaviors is highlighted for their good deeds.

We welcome you to stop by and take a tour of our building and meet the wonderful fourth and fifth graders who are growing into admirable young adults at our school.